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Remote Learning

Group classes have been suspended at Tiger Workshops, but that doesn't mean students will stop learning.


Pupils will still memorize vocabulary, do assigned reading, summarize chapters, write compositions, and fix them. Mr. G will continue to correct quizzes and compositions and offer individualized feedback, but this will all be done via email, with the help of students' parents.

To participate in remote learning, students and their parents should follow the steps below:

1. Parents should check their email, read any messages sent by Mr. G, and print out any attachments they have been sent.

2. Vocabulary Quiz: Among the email attachments will be a blank vocabulary quiz sheet. Parents should read the vocabulary words (provided) to the student, and the student will then fill out the boxes on the quiz sheet. Once done, the parent will take a picture of the quiz sheet and email or text it to Mr. G.


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