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A Math Tutor I Recommend

This summer one of my sons took an online Algebra II class so that he could skip ahead to pre-Calculus when he returned to his high school in the fall. Unfortunately, the online course wasn't very good, so when he finished it he felt ill-prepared to take his high school's Algebra II exam (necessary if a student wants to test out of this math class).

With only a few weeks left in the summer, I hired a tutor to bring my son up to speed. She worked with him for 10 half-hour sessions and made sure he not only understood all the key concepts of Algebra II, but that he got lots and lots of practice solving math problems.

When it was time for the Algebra II exam, my son felt much more confident. His tutor had explained things clearly, and went through every problem with him to make sure he got each and every step right. The result? My son passed the Algebra II test easily and is now happily taking pre-Calculus.

The tutor I hired was Ms. Shannon Zhou. Her phone number is (732) 910-0186. (If you wish to contact her, Ms. Zhou asks parents to text her before calling so that she knows she's not receiving a robo-call.)


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