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Alternative Homework for 6th & 7th graders

It has come to my attention that there are no e-book or Kindle versions of the Wicked History series of books I asked 6th and 7th graders to choose from and write a book report about. Therefore, if your child hasn't yet received the Wicked History book you ordered, or you haven't ordered it yet, I'm allowing 6th & 7th graders to do the following homework instead over spring break:

6th & 7th graders may instead read one Who Was book and one What Was book, and write a book report for each. These books are much shorter and easier to read than the Wicked History books, so this is why 6th & 7th graders will need to write a book report for each (two in total).

In each book report, the student will create questions beginning with Who, What, Where, When, How & Why, then answer them in a composition that will be at least two pages long, but no longer than three pages.

Here is the list of Who Was books to choose from:

This is the list of What Was books:

(If your child already has a Wicked History book, then the student can go ahead and read that, and write the book report as originally assigned.)

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Diana Tang
Diana Tang
22 avr. 2020

Can you post the codes here?

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